Thursday, August 25, 2011

Twit Chronicles Part 3

From July 28th
Satan's Cat
Her older sister lived with her twin and her while they were all in college. Older sister had a cat. Who was evil. He would freak out and his eyes would turn red and he would attack them. Once he had all three of them pearched on their kitchen counter. They had to call someone over to break the cats concentration so they could get down and run away. 
She hates cats now and has nightmares. She will probably have nightmares about it tonight since she was talking to me about it. Why did I have to bring up cats? Ummm...I didn't she did. she said she is a dog person but not a cat person because of "OMG THAT EVIL CAT THAT MY SISTER HAD WHEN WE WERE IN COLLEGE"! 
Picture Frames
She is spending about $100 EACH for picture frames for her wedding pictures becaues they are pretty. I think they look cheap and tacky. Any crafty, or half crafty person can make them. So she is trying to do the math so they all work out and fit on her living room wall. I told her I would just buy them at Bed Bath and Beyond, but those are too cheap for her, she likes these and will pay for them. Besides, no one else will have anything remotely like it. (except everyone already has frames like that)
"I drink to get drunk. I want to forget and pass. out." 
"OhMyGod, once I got soooooooo drunk at our high school snow ball that they wouldn't let me in and my neighbor took me home and when I woke up there was vomit everywhere. I don't even  remember throwing up! It was all thick and stuff. I could have died. There was this girl  Iwent to school with who was a year older than me and she went to school in Colorado and she died, it was a pretty big deal it was on the news and everything, and she was the one they foundin the frat house the day later. Yeah. Alcohol posioning. People still die of that? Seriously? I thought people knew not to drink that much."
--- by the way, the WHOLE time I was talking to her I was thinking about how she was giving me soooooo much stuff for the twit chronicles! LOL! 
My back hurts today and yesterday and Twit was telling me I should let creepy T [an agent in our office] rub my back. I said no thanks, I will leave that to a professional (my friend is a LMT). She says, "Oh shucks, I will let anyone rub me. It feels good. Why not? Do you want to rub my back? You should feel the knots I get from running. I think its from running, I mean I don't do anything that really uses my upper body or back that would screw it up. Where is Terry anyway? I need a back rub."
Today she is drinking coffee and is wired. It is rather annoying. However, she hasn't said anything twit worthy yet. 

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