Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Among other things

So, since I got the booby post out of my system it is time to move on to the other massive shit going on in my life.

We got the notice.


We have till Feb 18th to pay the big bad mortgage company $4501 or they start the foreclosure process. (Which is called something else that starts with an A that I don't recall.)

I was looking for apartments, getting ready to move, getting excited to get rid of sooo much shit that has taken over our house... then I did some research.

Once the house goes into foreclosure, if it doesn't sell through a short sale, it goes to a judge. The judge sets the time frame and the amount of money we need to pay BBMC in order to keep our house. Once that time frame is up the judge tells them BBMC that they can reclaim the property. BUT, if we petition the court we can stay in the house for 9 more months. So we just have to stay on top of court notices, evil mailings, letters from BBMC, etc. and we won't have to move for a while.

Which, oddly enough, has given me a sense of stress relief.

I can focus on school and the kid. Take my time searching out a new apartment. Take time packing... I am trying to look on the bright side.

My darling daughter did almost bring a tear to my eye the other day. We were sitting on the couch, she was watching a DVD and I was looking through an apartment finder magazine. She asked what I Was doing. I told her, "finding a new place to live for us" she pondered it for a moment and asked, "I go too?". I told her yes she goes too, she asked if I was going, if daddy was going, and if the dog was going. I told her yes. We are all going. She asked why, I told her that we are family, we all stay together no matter what. Semi-sentimental Disney moment we had.

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