Thursday, August 25, 2011

Twit Chronicles Part 4

Today was my first day of class. It went well. A lot better than I expected even though I was so nervous my legs were shaking as I was walking the campus. 
This afternoon twit asked me how my class went. I said it went fine and was saying how the teacher completely changed how things were done and I think I am going to like it better. She just jumps out and asks, "Are there any cute guys in your class?" I told her that there was, the TA was pretty hot, but he is a PhD student who is studying neuropharmacology. Insert blank stare. "Whaaat is that?" So I explain it to her, another blank stare. Explain it to her again. Another blank stare. Explain it to her again....finally she got it. I had to dumb it down so much to explain it to her. So then she said she doesn't want a super smart guy because she is so "fun" and smart guys are so "serious" that they would probably never have fun together. I told her that was great since she is married and can't really have "fun" with random college guys. 
She told me she could dream. 
She got Married June of this year.
Twin Twit was talking to Old Twit about secks yesterday in a common area of the office. Old Twit is a widow, and has a "male friend" who is JUST a friend. He likes her more than that, but she is totally not interesting in him "in that way" because "old people penis's are gross" and besides, when women get old their "parts don't work as well and get loose".
Later I was talking to Twin Twit and she was talking about how she never wants to have secks anywhere exciting and she never got the chance to be wild and crazy and randomly hook up with guys and if she had the change she would so do it. So I told her of Jon and my explots in a restaurant bathroom, top of a parking garage, bathroom at a party... She said she was so jealous. She really needed to sow her oats, "is that the right pharse?", before she got married and she thinks she "got married too soon". She is never going to have a fun and crazy life and she thinks she is missing out. Boo-hoo. 
Oh- and she compared flirting with her husband to committing relationship suicide. 

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