Thursday, August 25, 2011

Twit Chronicles Part 2

From July 26th

Today I avoided the twit until 4pm. Boredum took over and I took a stroll over to her desk... I was there for 45 minutes. I think I killed a few dozen brain cells. Here are some memorable moments from today.
*High price=good quality. Because everything that is high priced is obviously better quality or else it wouldn't cost so much. 
Don't even get me started on the $50 onesie she got her niece. "But it is so cute and soooooooosoft"
*Her DH told her he feels like roommates and not husband and wife. I told her she needs to pay attention to him, go out to dinner or something. She said they spent all weekend together, I said "with your family, right?" of course. I said he probably wants to spend time alone with you. "Ugh, what would we talk about. We have nothing in common"
*I told her if she doesn't pay attention to her husband it can quickly escalate to a divorce. She said she didn't care, it would give her time to get her photography stuff done. 
*Her lack of time is her DH's fault. He told her to get a hobby, it isn't her fault that she is good at it. He can deal with her being busy, if not oh well.
*She wants to quit her job, have a baby and do photography on the side because she will have more time. Obviously she knows nothing about having a baby. "But I babysit Hadley ALL the time"
*"If we had a baby we would spend a lot of time together. That would solve our problems and make our marriage better. Right?"
*"I can't stop working. I like to spend money. I can't sacrifice money if I have a kid. I will want to buy her all the cutest little clothes and the softest blankets...S, don't you like buying stuff for D?" I then explained the whole she has grandparents who buy things for her, and I live in a household that makes under 30K a year, so no I do not buy a lot of new things for her. I buy used things or get hand me downs. 
*OhMGosh! You make under 30K a year? HOW do you live? I couldn't live like that", I told her we survive. We SACRIFICED cool, new toys when we had a BABY. 

I hope she never has kids. REALLLLY hope she never has kids. 
"what is the difference between butter and shortening? What isshortening? Is it like butter, but, I don't know, different? I have a recipe I want to try and I don't know where to even find shortening!"

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