Monday, September 24, 2012

Quick Twit update

So, since I quit my job I haven't had much interaction with the Twit. Sadly, she might actually be growing up. She hasn't said anything too twit like recently and her life has calmed down.
I do have some fun gossip though! Giggle.

Creepy T told her he loved her. She LAUGHED at him. LAUGHED! OMG! I feel so bad for Creepy T. It must have hurt so bad to be laughed at when reviling such raw emotions. So what does Creepy T do? Go and get married to the lady who gave him the "marry me or else" ultimatum. This will be his third marriage. Let's all see how that goes shall we? So now Twit is confiding in A. Agent A is super nice. Got a baby on the way with his wife. If I were him I would tread lightly. Rumors are running amok that Twit is interested in Agent A. She is all cozy in his office, takes all his work pictures, and cleans his office when he asks. He even  sold her house and found her a new one.
Which leads me toooo...
Twit moved. She didn't like her house and refused to make babies with her husband until they moved! So they went from a nice neighborhood with a large house to a LARGER house that cost 100K more then what they previously had in a nicer area. Good for them if they can afford it. But telling her man that they won't have a kid till she gets the house she wants? Awesome.
Speaking of kids. I asked her if she knew how babies were made. She said yes. I asked her how does she think she is going to make babies if she isn't having sex with her husband? Ii got one of those :0 faces. Yeah. She said she doesn't want to have sex and if there was a way to have a baby without having sex she would be all over it. LOL. Well, there is a way to have a baby without having sex.....

So there is probably the last tidbit of Twit that I will post for a while. Unless she does something really stupid. Which could happen.

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