Thursday, December 27, 2012

Please, Kick Me Some More.

So things just keep getting better and better.

Took the dog to be boarded for Christmas .. to pick her up it will be $268! WTF? Apparently she has Fleas? Heart worm, Hookworm, and needed some shots. I get the shots thing, that is usually when she gets her shots since we board around the time she needs them anyway. NBD. But fleas? Really? We haven't seen any, she hasn't been itching, we haven't been bitten... the same with the worms... no signs or symptoms.

So it is either the dog or the kid. Paying for the dog will leave us unable to pay for preschool. and we can only pay for the dog because we got $300 for Christmas from the in-laws. I will be returning what gifts I can for cash, that might help too. Oh- and we need to bomb the house as a precaution.

Fuck. Me.

On the bright side, JM has his 4th interview with the new job place either today or tomorrow. They aren't too organized so we don't know yet. I hope he gets it or we are going to be fucked. No other way around it.

We will be homeless.

Happy New Year.

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