Monday, December 17, 2012

Howdy Stranger!

Well... a lot has happened in my life... mostly bad shit. So let's commence with the bad news!

Good new! JM had a third interview for a general manager spot at a restaurant!

Bad news: if he doesn't get it we will probably lose our house and maybe our cars. Right now we are waiting for a phone call from the university for family housing. We don't know if we will rent or sell our house, or if it will go into foreclosure. Any of those options makes me sad. This is OUR house. We moved in together, we established our family, we have lots of memories here to move out under these circumstances makes me sad.

Bad news: We are being SUED! Damn medical bills.

Bad news: We had to break down and get a credit card. Our first in 3 years.

Bad news: We have a lot of medical debt. This makes me feel so guilty because I have sooooo many medical problems. Our debt is my fault.

Bad news: We are behind on almost everything.

Bad news: I was rejected from the 1st grad program I applied to and I missed the deadline for the other. I am resigned to the fate of going to an adult learning program for grad school, which isn't a highly regarded program and not for something I really want to do, but it will get me into the field, experience, and a good paying job.

Bad news: Work has been slow and I have worked less than 10 hours in two weeks. With Christmas around the corner it blows.

Iffy news: I am soooooo worried about how my Christmas gifts will be perceived. I make them all. I worry that people won't like them or think I am cheap. I am told they are nice and pretty, but... I still worry.

Iffy news: I am rapid cycling, mostly due to stress and a med change. At least I am not insanely depressed.

Bad news: I am pretty positive my endometriosis is back. Plus my tits hurt! WTF is that? Body work damn it.

Good news: I have gone to yoga again and hope to make it a regular thing.

Good news: My daughter is thriving in school. She is learning so much. She can write her name! Amazing. she has such and imagination.

Bad news: She is three. Anyone who has a child knows that the age of three is pure hell. She is great like 90% of the time. That other 10% makes me want to pull my hair out. the tantrums, the screaming, the hitting, the talking back. I hope it gets better soon.

Good news: School is out and I don't go back till Jan 7th. I did pretty good. All B's and one C this semester. I wish I did better but given the stress I am under I thought I did well. Plus one class was crazy hard.

Bad news: University fucked up my transcripts and I have to take 15 credits next semester not 12, but its better than 22.

Good news: I graduate 5 days before I turn thirty.

Bad news: we are all sick or in some stage of recovery from sickness.

Good news: I have developed some pretty good relationships with people I met online. While I know that they are people online that I do not know in real life it is nice to know other parents are dealing with the same things I am. Plus it is just nice to have people to talk to.

Emotional news: I would be remiss not to mention a serious a school shooting that happened recently, last Friday. A school got shot up in CT. It is all over the news. Those poor children and families... It has brought gun control and mental illness to the forefront of news. I think there is a serious problem with our mental health system, but unless we have better funded community outreach programs, more beds in facilities, and better health care coverage nothing will change. Serious changes need to be made. I hope with my degree I can help someone.

Well, that is my update for now. I hope to come back more often. I don't see Twit as much so those will be few and far between... later guys!

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