Thursday, August 25, 2011

Twit Chronicles.

From July 21st
So the girl I work with, the 25 year old who apparently learned nothing in high school or college is working the front desk this morning. Lucky for me I can hear EVERYTHING they talk about up there. 
A few gems this morning:
*My mom keeps telling me that she is going to kick me off her phone plan because I never answer my phone when she calls. Hello, I am an adult, I don't have to talk to her! 
*I want an iphone, but I don't want to spend the money for it. (her husband makes 6 figures)
*I don't know if I like photography anymore. I am not making enough money. (after sinking 30K into cameras and other equipment)
*[to J] You and S are going sky diving next spring right? OMG! That would be so much fun. I can't do it. I would only ever do it if I was on vacation because it is safer at those places that do it all the time. [We are jumping next spring with the Nebraska Sky Divers Association]
Her:I HATE wearing a bathing suit. I am so disgusting. I mean, ugh. 
Me: Hey, J... Twit is talking about how she is too fat to wear a bathing suit!
J: Flips Twit off.
Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Twit, you are what? a size 4? On a bad day? 
Twit: I know, but I just don't feel comfortable in a bathing suit. I don't like my body. I never have. At least you have an excuse, you had a baby. 
Me: Walked away before I smacked the bitch.
"It is not my job to come up with things for agents. I tell them to google it and bring me what they find. "
This was in reference to finding new verbage for a campaign for an agent. Of course she always complains that her job is boring and she wishes she had the chance to be creative. 

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