Monday, November 14, 2011

Brain Cells, Alcohol, and Twit

I was talking to J about how my daughter had 3 new words this morning! (YAY!) We got on the subject of teenagers/pre-teens. I mentioned that I was a pretty good kid. I didn't drink, smoke, or do drugs. I never ran away... I was mouthy though and had a attitude problem. I said I would rather have a mouthy kid then a kid who drinks and drives, does drugs or has casual sex. 
Twit: Oh no. I drank in high school. Maybe once a week. It wasn't that bad. Beside by the time we were seniors it was more casual. 
ME: Because you had 4 years to get used to it. 
Twit: No. I was a good kid. We would only drink once a week, then the next night we would get grounded for drinking. 
Me: Nice. I would rather have a mouthy kid then a "bad" kid. I can deal with mouthy.
T: Noooooo. Drinking isn't that bad. I NEVER did drugs and I never had sex. 
Me: How do you know that? You were passed out drunk.
T: My twin was with me, she wouldn't let anything happen to me. Besides who would I sleep with from (small town)? Ewwww. They were gross. 
Me: How often was your sister black out drunk too? Because if you were passed out how would you know she wasn't passed out? I don't want my daughter to grow up and think that that is an ok thing to do. I do not want my daughter to learn binge drinking in high school.
T: Gosh S. you make me sound like I was a horible person. 
Me: Twit, you, not directly you but people like you, are the reason why JM and I won't live and raise my daughter in a small town. The only thing you have to do out there is drink and have sex. I do not want to be a grandma at a young age. 
Twit: Please. It wasn't that bad. I am still alive aren't I? No harm done. 
Me: You never know, you could have shortened your life by decades by the damage you did to your liver over an 8 year period.
T: Whatever. I am healthy. 
Me: But you killed a lot of brain cells...[walks away]
T: What does that mean? Jane what does that mean?
Jane: laughing
T: whhhhhaaaaat? Tell me what that means....
T: [yelling since I was at my desk] Stacy! TELL ME WHAT THAT MEANS.
Me: Google it. 

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