Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Two Twit Stories

Damn it. My day was shit. 
So darling daughter was throwing up at DC, so I went to get her. I was at work a whole 45 minutes. So I picked her up and JM was going to come home at noon and I was going back to work after he got home. 
So I get back to work and I am burried in work. J is gone at Continuing Education for the afternoon. So it was just me. I have a bunch of "last minute but super duper important" things to do for agents on top of everything else. Ugh. I go into the lounge to download the music for the team meeting, and I was going to bind some market analysis for several agents. MR. I WAS A HUSKER FOOTBALL PLAYER AND I PLAYED IN THE PROS REFERING TO MYSELF IN THE THIRD PERSON can and found me and asks me "Do you have my CMA done?"
Me: No, it is in this [gesturing to the 4 inch stack of papers] pile. I am binding them now.
Mr. Football: Well, I gave you plenty of time to get this done. I mean this is rediculous. 
Me: well, I was gone this morning because my kid was sick and-
Mr. Football: You know I don't care. People expect things of me, and I need to deliver. I get things to you in enough time that you should have it done. This is is stupid, this should be done by now. I told you I needed it done by 3pm. [its 3:30] Just give me it. I will explain to my clients that there were "problems". You know I have kids and I will never use them as an excuse for not doing my job. That is just-- [huffs away]
Me:[silence. because if I were to start talking to him I would have KILLED him]
He goes away and comes back. Rambling about excuses, and blah blah blah. Goes away again.
Twit comes over. She sits down near me, we chat. Her phone rings. She runs to get it. She comes back.
T: that was odd? Mr. Football just called and wanted to know if he sounded harsh. I told him I didn't know what he was talking about because I was busy doing something else. What happened?
Me: UGH! HE CAME OVER HERE AND ...... [I was pissed. I told her what happened. 
T: Well I told him it probably didn't bother you because you are strong and not much bothers you.
Me: [starts crying, while trying not too. I have no idea what got into me. Seriously? I WAS FUCKING CRYING. Luckily I stopped before it became full on crying. Just a tear or two.]
T: Oh- he did bother you. I am so sorry. I didn't know what he said or I would have told him he was a jerk. 
Me: Don't worry about it. I just had a long day. 
T: You sure? 
Me: Yep. 
**** we carry on, chatting.****
T: Oh- my sister and her DH are in therapy and it has made me realize that I do take Andy for granted. I think I need to pay attention to him more. And maybe act like I like him. 
Me: That would be a good idea. 
So, not my finest moment. I cried in front of Twit. I feel like there is a dent in my armour. 
After a little dry spell, she is back at it. 
We were talking about her husband and how they are just drifting apart. She spends more time with her sisters and mom then with him. He has said that they are on the same route as her sister and DH (they are in marriage counseling and it is not going well. Twin Twit has already checked out of the marriage). I was telling Twit that she needs to try harder and give some to get some. Then she lays this on me.
"We have only had sex once since we got married."
She talks about how there is no chemistry, she fantasizes about having an affair, she never accepts his come-ons, she makes excuses to not spend time with him, she makes excuses to not have sex with him... I told her that her marriage is failing and it is her fault. She needs to stop making excuses and do something to fix it. She pretty much wants him to make it better so she won't have to do anything. I quit talking to her because it was falling on deaf ears. 
He has told her how he feels. She keeps putting him off saying it will be better next year. I told her he might not wait around that long. 

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