Monday, November 14, 2011

Random Stuff from Me

So the worst thing about being Bipolar is being Bipolar. I know that some of my thoughts aren't rational, I know my fears are based on nothing substantial, my depression isn't based on anything except the chemicals in my brain. What sucks the most.. I can't do a damn thing about any of it. Nothing. I am taking medication, I should be exercising but we are too poor right now to get a membership at a gym. I think I might ask my therapist about Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Maybe that will help.

I kind of had it out with my hubby last night. He makes fun of me sometimes, I know he doesn't mean it in malice, but it hurts my feelings. So last night I cried about it. This morning, I feel like a jack ass. Really, there was nothing to be upset about. I was sent into a depression over, get this, a movie. He returned a movie I wanted to see, but I didn't get a chance too. I was going to watch it and couldn't find it. Yep. A fucking movie. Awesome.

October, November, and December are my worst months. We always seem short on money, and high on stress. I think it is the light and time change mostly. My therapist wants to try UV therapy. I wonder how well that will work?

I think I am going to update some Twits. She is still her annoying little self full of naivete.

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