Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Twit at Work

I am listening to this younger girl at work talk to an agent. She has an identical twin. First they were talking about nicknames. She didn't have one because her sister and her were always referred to as "the twins". They went to high school in a small town and had every class together. They went to the same college, and took the same classes with each other. They shared cars, phones, rooms, clothes.... Now they are both married, have their own jobs and lives. They do photographer with each other, and see each other every night. Twits husband doesn't really like that.

I feel so sorry for her. She has no idea who SHE is as an individual. She has always been a twin. Her likes and dislikes were never decided on by her, they were a mutual conclusion after consideration by both parties. No wonder she seems to drift through life no knowing anything about the world.

I hope I can raise me daughter as a person. An individual who has an opinion, who is confident in her choices. Everything the twin is not.

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