Sunday, March 31, 2013

Good news!

Sooooo, good news! JM got a General Manager job at the Deli he works at! Super stoked! I know he will be amazing, but he seems a little nervous. I have confidence in him. I am so proud! It will be a battle though, the guy he is replacing was a dip shit. Like, never showed up on time, let people get away with stealing, never enforced rules, etc. Many of the people have expressed a desire to quit and follow the old GM to where ever he ends up at. I think one or two have already quit. So, JM has his hands full coming up. 

BUT with a new job, comes different hours and more money! Woot Woot! I get my hubby every other weekend! He works five 10 hour days and his schedule rotates, but I am cool with that! He will be home for as many bed times, maybe more, than he is now! That makes me happy. 

He is kind of sad about leaving his current job. The owners were really good to him, and he liked his job. Too bad there was no opportunity for growth. At least at the Deli we can buy the current owner out in a few years and own a business of our own. Serious? Own. A. Business. OMG! Happy dance. That is kind of cool. I feel like an adult now. (At least for this second.)

As for me, well… my ever wishy washy mind I am back at the LMHP route again. I found a program in my town that does not require the GRE (which is tooo damn expensive) and is for working adults, two years, and one night a week. I think it is what I want. Plus, it is in my town, not the next largest town over so I will save on fuel.

Plus I have to admit I have issues with only having a “certificate”.  I understand that the paralegal program at this college is Bar accredited, and really highly regarded, but I still want that DEGREE. I want that all powerful (albeit in my own mind) Master’s Degree. I haven’t been in school for 10+ years for a certificate.

Job wise, meh, pay is about the same starting out. I wish I was one of those people who had a calling, like they were born to be a doctor, or musician, or whatever. I just don't have that. 

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