Monday, August 13, 2012

A lot has changed

So it has been a while since I have posted anything. Life with a toddler does strange things with time. So a quick update:
DD turned 3! She is getting so big. Riding her tricycle... talking more and more...and oh the attitude. I am in for it when she turns 13!
JM is doing great. He has a new job, which is nice. We don't have to worry too much about money now. He works odd hours again so he misses spending time with us.
Onto me.

I quit my job.
I quit my job.
One more time.
I. Quit. My. Job.

Whew. My boss decided my school schedule and work schedule did not work anymore. So I decided to stay in school and do what is best for me and my family in the long run. Plus I make more money in grants and financial aid then I did from my job. Sad truth.

My last day was last Friday. It was a good day. I am going to miss some people. This is the group that made me normal. They helped me come back to humanity after working in a soul sucking job for so long. I realized it is miserable to be miserable all the time. I like being happy. These people helped me be happy. I think it is no coincidence that I have had fewer depressive episodes and less cycling then ever before since I started working for that office. I owe some of those people such a great deal of gratitude for helping me redefine "normal". I don't think they will know how much they helped. It just proves that having good people in your life is just as important as anything else you need to survive.

So I start school again next Monday. Should be interesting. I am taking 13 credit hours. Exciting. I got books today, and an iPhone but that is a story for another time. Only two classes had required texts. Either that is a really good sign or a really bad one. I am so nervous. Things have been pretty easy and I have slacked a lot up to this point. Time to get serious.

I hope to keep this updated more since I will be home more. I don't know if I will be less busy, but we'll see what time tells.


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