Monday, October 10, 2011

funny Twitle

Thursday there was a Pinterest that said "If you say gulable(sp) really slow it sounds like orange". So J and I were talking and Twit comes over... I remembered that so I said, "Hey, do you know if you say gulible slow it sounds like orange?". J immediately starts laughing. Twit starts saying "gulible" really slowly. LOL. We were dying. 
So Friday Creepy T and Twit were at the front desk chatting with me. We came around to Twit being naive and I told T, "Hey, if you say gulible really slow it sounds like orange". He starts to laugh. Cue Twit "No it doesn't, I tried. I swear it does not sound like orange no matter how hard you try." 
We were laughing so hard, and she still didn't get it. during all this laughing she goes "What does gulible mean anyway?" BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I told her to google it. 

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