Monday, August 29, 2011

Blah blah

So last night my husband tells me he has a meeting at work at 8:30pm. Ok, whatever. Around 1am I text him to see if he is coming home anytime soon. Nope. He is almost done, but he was working. Since when? I didn't know he had to work. I distinctly remember him telling me that his boss asked him to work EITHER Saturday or Sunday, because he asked if we had any plans for Saturday night. How awesome. So he came rolling in at 4:40am. Waking me up. My daughter talks in her sleep, so that wakes me up 2-4 times a night.... So yeah...sleep deprived and highly annoyed. Husband is working all week too. So he has worked from this last Tuesday to this coming Friday. So...9 days in a row. Awesome.

I feel this has annoyed me a lot more than it should. I don't know why. I think it is because he tells me that he has told me things, yet I don't remember. Sometimes, because of my condition and/or medication, I forget things. I think abuses this and tells me he told me something when he really didn't. Which, makes me feel like is taking advantage of me, which pisses me off. So he is telling me that he told me about the meeting. No. You. Didn't. When it comes to our home/work schedules I try and remember those very important details in case it infringes on day care or school.

So I am just stewing. All day. All last night.... Just sitting here. Stewing. Oh- and he slept on the couch. So he wakes me up at 4:40am and sleeps on the couch. I couldn't even yell at him if I wanted too. Asshole.


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