Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Some More Twit

She is up front talking about her boob job appointment. She is saying how embarassing it was to stand there with her shirt off, and her boobs are saggy and she is pretty sure she is going to get it done. She just needs to talk to DH about it. She told him about the appointment, and he wasn't happy, but they talked about it and he kind of came around. 
A part of me is a little jealous. If I had the money (and weighed a little less) and the time I would get a tit lift in no time. She is so young and pretty. I would love to be that skinny, and she just doesn't appreciate (sp) how lucky she is to have a body that some people make themselves sick to look like. She weighs 123lbs. I haven't weighed that since high school. 
I don't think the boob job will make her feel any better about herself, I think she will find something else to focus on that is "flawed".
"I don't need to go fakey, I just need to go bigger. You know, look like a women."
Later, J's niece came in to drop something off. We will call her A. A got boobs earleir this year. DD's. 
T: OMG. J. A's boobs are great. DD's don't look that big. I should really consider going bigger. 

Twit: J, ask your niece if she lost nipple sensation at all after her surgery, because that is VERY important to me. I mean, you have no idea how important that is! Lets just say they are sensitive, in a good way.
J and I were cracking up. DYING. You should have seen her face when she was saying this stuff

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