Thursday, June 9, 2011


Another post I don't know how to title. I guess an update is what this is about today.

Company Volleyball Tournament tomorrow. Considering I haven't played in YEARS! Free food and beer. Should be cool. Even the losers bracket gets a prize. I hope it isn't 100 degrees tomorrow!

I spent WAY too much money at hobby lobby yesterday. I need to stop spending money. That was how we got into our debt mess before. At least there are no credit cards to use. Oh, I guess I have never explained the bad credit story...
                      So JM and I had separate accounts and credit cards before we were married. When we were in the process of getting married we joined some cards, and added him to one checking account of mine. Well, we were paying for the wedding all on our own...and when I am manic I tend to spend money like I am a freaking millionaire. So with the excitement of the wedding, and mania, and the cute little things I NEEDED! LOL! We accrued, wait for it.... $31K in debt. Mind you that includes a lot of my medical bills. We were struggling to pay to keep our utilities on. So we sucked it up, went to a debt management company and we were paying $750ish a month to them, and they would pay our creditors. After three years and pumping all of our extra money (tax returns, bonuses, birthday and Christmas money) into them we paid it all off. Now we have no credit cards. WE have ONE debit card on an account that is not our primary. So if we need to buy something online we put money on the card.

So needless to say I need to reign in the spending. Especially since JM is not working still.

I brought some of my bows into work to sell. We will see how that goes. A little extra money never hurts.

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