Friday, February 8, 2013

Pick My Future For Me

Ok. I say OK a lot.

So. Graduate in May (finally) with a bachelors in Psychology. My GPA isn't awesome. No groups, clubs, or accolades. My pickins are slim.

I am looking at a Paralegal program. Three semesters, weekend classes.


Masters in Arts of Teaching. High school. Math. Two years with one semester being student teaching and 100 practicum hours.

With the given situation at home, taking the paralegal route would benefit my family the most. I could work full time while doing it, and it is cheaper in the long run. I can make pretty good money too.


I kind of secretly want to teach. I would rather teach college, and maybe one day I could, but I want to teach. I envision myself teaching.

What to do. Someone pick for me.

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