Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Twit Updates

Sorry it has been a while. Things got busy, and are finally settling down! Enjoy! 

-She spent $180 on a pair of yoga pants for running.
-spent $80 on a sweater (on clearance) at Banana Republic because she has so much money to spend there before she gets to their ellite status. she gets free alterations after that. She really didn't even like the sweater. I suggested maybe she should have bought her family gifts from there to meet her limit... nope. She doesn't want to spend that much on gifts for her family. They wouldn't appriciate good clothing.
-She is complaining because she wears a size 8 top now, not a 6 like her twin. You know, the one who DIDN'T get a boob job.
-Her husband and her are living as roommates and she knows she is headed the same route as her twin, but she is too lazy to fix it. Not, my inference by the way, she actually said, out loud, that she is too lazy to work on her marriage. But she is ok with that.
-She got mad at her mother in law because she never gets her anything she wants for christmas. I mean, her list wasn't that hard to follow. LuLuLemon exercise clothes (look that shit up), new ipod, software for photography... 
-Husband only spent $200 on her for Christmas. She spent $800 on him. Well, on a snowblower that THEY needed. So it was a gift for the both of them. She was mad that he only spent $200 on her. 
-An agent asked if he could "grope" her and she asked what that meant. He replied, "Let me show you". [he did not actually touch her]
-Said agent is a dirty old man who is rather respectable, he just like fucking with Twit. He came over and talked to me about the above conversation. He couldn't believe how dumb she is sometimes. Not wanting to gossip, I just agreed and smiled. 
-Creepy T isn't saying nasty things to her anymore, but he is actually "really sweet" and if I "just gave him a chance" I would realize that "he has a really good heart". To me it sounds like someone has changed tactics. 
-she admitted she likes older more mature men. 
-she married too soon and should have dated around

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