Thursday, August 25, 2011

Twit Chronicles Part 6

So Twit is apparently a twit because she wants to be. OMG! If you guys could have been there for this conversation...
T: "OMG, TK is so creepy. [sigh] but he gives great back rubs. You should have him rub your back."
ME: "Um, no thanks. I have a friend who is a massage therapist"
T: "Really I am so jealous. TK is so skeezy. He is always flirting with me and ugh.."
Me: "You know if we worked any other place that would be sexual harrassment and you could sue him and this place. If it was an unwanted advance, but you seem to welcome it so..."
T: "No. It isn't sexual harrassment. I don't like it, but his back rubs are killer. Andy (her dh) can't give me back rubs at all. He sucks at them."
**fast forward***
T: "I just act stupid because its fun. I mean, I can  be serious when I want to be, but being dumb is fun. Who wants to be serious all the time? I am not that dumb anyway. Am I?"
M: [having a hard time keeping a straight face] "Well, you know a lot about what you know about."
T: "Yea, I am good at photography stuff. Who cares about history and political stuff, I know what I know. Being smart isn't that great. I could be smart if I wanted. I just don't want to be that serious all the time. My brain would fry if I thought about stuff all the time like you do." 
M: "I enjoy learning, so I guess I like being smart. I hate being dumb. I have a hard time taking dumb people seriously."
T: "OMG! Can you take me seriously? Seriously?"
M: "No." [omg I am dying inside] "just kidding. like I said you know what you know. but you are a bit ditzy sometimes. Be careful about that, it can come back to bite you in the ass. If people think you are a dip shit they will never take you seriously or treat you like a professional."
T: [looking like the lightblub just turned on] "ohhhh. yeaaaaaa. You are right. I shouldn't be so dumb sometimes."
**This WHOLE time, TK was creeping in and out of the lounge flirting with her. He hardly even looked at me. It was like I was spying on their little fling. I wanted to barf. 
I just had to shake my head and walk away. 
She told her soon to be sister in law that "OhMyGod! You are 33, soon you'll be 35 and that means you will be 40 soon!"
Surprised She said that out loud. To another human being. 
"OMG. TK (agent) is soooo nasty and says the grossest things to me. But I let him because he gives the beeeest back rubs."
TK is an agent who has been married 3 times, works with his mom, and has serious boundry issues. We talk about tattoo's since he has a bunch and I told him I was getting one and he said he was getting one too. A ruler. Insinuating it would be on his penis. He tells Twit that he dreams about her and thinks of her when he is having sex with his girlfriend. Gross. I told him he is nasty and he will get sued for those comments. Twit doesn't seem to mind. 

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