Thursday, August 25, 2011

Twit Chronicles Part 5

I was working the front desk while Old Twit was at lunch. Twit starts talking to Jane, who's office is across from the front desk. 
J: what were you guys talking about during the meeting? do you want boobs?
T: Yes! I feel that I am 25 and in my prime.  I want to enjoy my body. I deserve to have a body I am proud of. I mean. I saved the money. I deserve to feel pertty.
J: you don't need new boobs. you look fine.
T: but your niece got boobs.
J: Because she had NO boobs, like a double A cup. 
T: I just want to enjoy my body while I am young enough to.
*Ok, I just wanted to shout "If you want to enjoy your body masterbate more"! LOL! 
If she thinks that breast implants will make her feel better about herself, she is wrong. Next it will be her nose, or her fine lines, or her butt... She is the kind of person who will NEVER be happy with the way she looks. 
OH- the racism. 
So supposidly (sp) the Old Twit is part Native American. She was telling another agent about how she bought this Sun/moon/star burst decor thing at Earl May. 
"I was walking through with Gayle (male friend) and saw this and told him it spoke to the indian in me.I needed to come back and buy it."
She then goes into the indian yell. You know, the whole stereotypical Haw-Haw-Ya-Ya, while smacking yourself in the mouth kind of thing. 
Awesome. I wish I had a camera to record this stuff. 

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