Thursday, August 25, 2011

Twit Chronicles Part 7

We were tallking about how Old Twit is getting kind of snarky lately. Twit was going on about how she doesn't think it is very Christian of Old Twit to act that way. (She brags about her trips, her Christianity, her conection with god, etc.) I told her that no that probably wasn't a "christian" thing to do. So Twit goes on about how she thinks she is a good Christian, but she doesn't pray as much as she thinks she should, and she wishes she could have more faith... THEN she looks at me and says, "I think you are a good Christian Stacy. You are very honest and moral." Surprised
So I told that was great, thanks for the compliment, but I am not Christian. She asked if I was "Jewish or something" and I told I don't believe in God or any other Deity (sp) and she asked what a Deity was. 
Then she pops off "Well, How can you be a good Christian then?"
I overhear this at my desk this morning.
Twit: God. I am.So.Fat. I could not find anything to wear this morning. I hate this top. It is unflattering.
Boss: I know, don't you hate it when you have fat days.
*then I get this email from J, who's office is up front:
J: Oh fuck, Boss & Twit are discussing their FAT.
I reply:Jeezus. Do they even know what FAT is? Really? I am currently 60-70lbs OVERWEIGHT. I want to smack them when they talk about that shit.
Jane:Totally DITTO for me on everything you just said!
ME: Maybe we should make signs that say "I am FAT and your comments are rude and insensitive"? Boss might get it, but I doubt Twit will. She will argue that she is FAT till she is blue in the face. She has some serious body image issues.
J: Yep and it's too bad, they should walk with their heads up high and be proud of themselves. I, on the other hand, am unable to be motivated and hate myself for that. I would much rather turn to food for comfort right now and it doesn't help when Steve is okay with who I am so I just eat. I think I need speed.

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