Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Running and Done

So my running was short lived and I am officially done. My knee cannot take it. As an added bonus, I have a milk duct infection! Yep, you can get those AFTER you are done breast feeding. I guess it was from the bouncing up and down when I was running, and the nipple rubbing on the sports bra. Yay me. I guess I was just not meant to run. So moving on. I hope I can get back to riding my bike. We'll see how that goes. We are going to get a bike seat for the little one, not a trailer, but a seat for her to ride one. We spent the weekend looking for one. Plus, I want to get her a bike of her own. A few places have the push trike where you can push them before they can ride it on their own. I think she would love it.

I don't really feel like working today. I need a vacation. I think my lack of motivation if probably due to my lack of medication. Ops. I ran out and haven't had the chance to refill yet. I hope today I can get back on the right medication track.

Well, off to pretend to do some work.

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