Monday, November 14, 2011

Twit Boobies-Very Long

Ok, so Old Twit was talking to Twit at the front desk, I was going to the bathroom which is right off the front desk area. Twit goes, "I think I am going to return my dress [for our halloween party, we are going as the pink ladies] I look so frumpy in it and it hardly fits". I told her to shut up and went to pee. 
When I came out I told her I was sorry to be blunt but when she talks about being fat at a size 4 it makes the chicks who wear double digits [J and I] feel like crap. If you are a size 4 and fat, we must be hippos. I told her to shut up about her weight because there are plenty of people who wish they could look like her. 
blah blah blah
So Old Twit gets on the subject of Creepy T. I guess Creepy T was up there earlier when Twit tried on her costume again. He was practically drooling all over himself and was totally fixated on her tits. 
This is where it gets interesting. 
Old Twit starts talking about how that is gross the way Creepy T was looking at her (Twit). We moved onto how Creepy T says nasty things to Twit and Twit should tell him to stop because that is work place harrassment. Twit doesn't see a problem with Creepy T telling her that he jerks it while thinking of her. "It's harmless. Hw won't do anything. He isn't like that!"
I told Twit that her NOT saying NO to him is her saying YES to him. No it isn't right, but thats how he probably sees it. And if someone else comes along and starts treating you the exact same way it will be your fault because they saw that T could do it, so they think they can. I told her she is setting herself up. Stop flirting with all the guys. She is 25 and cute, young and dumb don't apply anymore. She needs to grow up and act like an adult, not some sex object. 
The whole time she was making excuses about how T isn't that way, blah blah blah. 
I admit, Old Twit and I were pretty hard on her. We weren't lying or exhagerating anything, we were stating the obvious. I was just repeating things I have said time and time again.
So it is time to go home. I walk out to my car. I hear, "S! WAIT!" I turn around and her comes Twit stomping over to my car. SHAKING, clenched fists. 
"I am so angry right now. I can't beleive that Old Twit called me a slut!" [you should have heard how she said "slut" too. kind of funny.]
Me:What? When did call you a slut?
T: Well she said my boobs were hanging out while I was talking to T. They were not. 
**fyi- she had a low cut shirt on today with a sweater/wrap thingy on*
T: I do not flirt with everyone. She made me sound like a slut. My heart is beating so fast. My boob hurts. The right one. That makes sense, since my heart is on that side.
[seriously, she said that ^^^ out loud.]
Me: Twit. You do flirt with all the guys. When they come around your voice changes and your demenor changes. 
T: NO.
Me: Yes. you might not realize you do it. I used to do it until JM pointed it out to me. 
T: What? Why has no one told me this. I don't want to flirt with everyone. How does that make me look?
Me: Sluty.
T: Surprised
Me: Twit. Look. On your way home think about why we are saying these things to you. We do not want to hurt you. We are worried about you. Some of us have been there and done that, and we are looking out for you. You don't honestly know T. You don't know what he is capable of. 
T: He would never---
Me; YOU DONT KNOW THAT. But you are giving him every opportunity to try. 
T: We need to finish this conversation tomorrow. I am glad Boss is gone. Lounge. Tomorrow morning. 
Me: I charge $150 an hour. 
T: Seriously S. You guys pointed some things out that I don't like. I didn't know I flirted with everyone.
Me: You do. 
T: I still don't think T is bad. 
Me: Ok. Listen to this. I worked at the Pen with this girl. She flirted with EVERYONE. Inmates, staff... Well she was pretty much having phone sex with some guy on the tower phones [that I had to monitor as a part of my job] and some other lesser attractive guy said "Hey D, what color panties are you wearing today?" 
Me: She freaked out. Went to the boss. They didn't do shit because she was flirting with him, and having phone sex with some other guy that same night. They told her if she wanted them to take her seriously she needed to act like a grown up and be a professional. 
T: No way. Ewww... 
Me: Seriously Twit. You are asking for this kind of attention, and honestly you don't know how to deal with that kind of attention. you don't know how to say no. You don't know how to assert yourself. What happens if Loan Officer comes over and starts doing the exact same things Terry is doing? 
T: I would laugh it off.
Me: and Tt (another male agent)?
T: Laugh it off.
Me: and B, and P, and A, and J, and K... What would you do if you had ALL the men in the office treating you like T does. Do you think they consider you a professional? Do you think they take you seriously? 
T: [head down] no. BUT NO ONE ELSE DOES IT.
Me: Not yet. You have given an open invitation to EVERY person in this office to treat you the EXACT same way as T. Whether you like it or not.
T: I know. But it isn't serious. I would just laugh it off.
Me: Banging my head on my steering wheel.
T: Tomorrow. We need to finish this tomorrow. 
Me: Go home and ask your husband if he thinks what T says to you is appropriate. 
T: Oh, he wouldn't like that. 
Me: Duh. No man should talk to you like that unless you want yout husband to. 
T: Tomorrow. We will finish this tomorrow. 
Me: ok. 
**** She was all up in arms because she thinks Old Twit called her a slut. She thinks that OT is just jealous because T offered to take Twit to Hawaii [jokingly I hope] with Old Twit when Old Twit goes to Hawaii next month. Old Twit said no way, so Twit says "Thats ok we can get our own room." So she thinks that is why Old Twit is calling her a slut. 
BTW- Slut is spoken in a hushed tone, like it is the dirtiest word in the world. 
She had to tell me that she is not a slut and has only been with ONE man. ONE. 
A few days later:
T: OMG. S you are not going to believe this. T came up and asked me flat out if I had a boob job yesterday. I was so shocked that I was stumbling over myself. I just kept denying it.

Me: I told you he was just going to come out and ask.
T: I know! You were so right. I should listen to you more.
Me: Yes you should.
T: Ugh. Now I am going to have to tell him.
Me: No you dont. It is your body, you control it, you control what people know about it. He doesn't need to know anything. Besides you were at work yesterday, you couldn't have a boob job during your lunch break. 
T: You are so right. I don't have to tell him anything.
Me: Good. Remember that.

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