Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Some Random Thoughts

My boob feels better. However, my head still hurts. That blows. I am hot too.

Don't you hate it when you go to write down stuff and you can't remember what it was. Ugh.

I love Glee, and the music especially. I like some of their versions better than  the real songs. I really like the one where Kurt goes back to the Glee Club and his boyfriend sings that song to him. Very specific, I know.

PMS sucks. Double Ugh.

So I haven't been taking my meds. Bad me. I ran out. I think I explained in another post, but I honestly cant remember.

My BFF just said they might be moving to Illinois to be closer to base. Damn it, I already have to drive 3 hours to see her, 6 is too much! Ugh, again.

Our dish was turned off, so we don't have TV right now. I can't remember if I paid the bill. Well, I obviously haven't paid the bill, but I don't remember if I sent one out Friday with the other bills. Oh well. Not having TV wont kill us.

Time to start thinking about the husbands birthday gift.

I need a vacation.

I think it is bedtime. My head hurts too much.

Oh- i had to come back because I remembered what I wanted to add.

So soybeans have been shown to have estrogenic properties...didn't think it was a big deal... till I started drinking more and then my periods because off and never ending. I stop drinking it and lo and behold it is gone. Hmmm....needless to say we are drinking almond milk now, and daughter of mine will not be drinking soy milk again.

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