Monday, May 9, 2011

I always have problems titling my new posts. Eh- I am not feeling witty so it will have to wait.

i am kind of BLAH today. I am just BLAH. Seriously. I am annoyed by nothing in general that can't be ignored by some headphones. I think there are several small things that have made me slightly cranky.
1. DCP is soooo not on my good side right now.
2. My boss is cranky and might not approve my schedule change which would make us pay for another two days of day care, even though it would be for an hour of care.
3. A co-worker is getting knee surgery tomorrow and is VERY emotional about the whole thing and is telling everyone who walks in the door about it.
4. One agent keeps calling and it is  very hard to have a conversation with her. So I let her go to voice mail the last two times she called.
5. I have a meeting Wed. that I don't want to go to.
6. I got notice of a meeting the 24th that I don't want to go to.
7. My birthday is tomorrow.
8. We are BROKE.
9. Out of medication till I get paid Friday.
10. ^^ I will have to start from scratch when I get my Rx filled.
11. Daughter has croup.
12. I am frustrated with my education process

That about sums it up. I hope I can start running tonight, I must FORCE myself to start running tonight. I hope that makes me feel better. I don't even care if JM runs with me or not. Exercise always makes me feel better, i need to do it more!

Back to work.

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