Friday, February 8, 2013

I Hate The Doctor

Not all doctors, including PA's. But just the spechul few who work at the health center for my school.

1) I am not 18-22 years old. Do not talk to me as such.
2) I KNOW what the hell is going on with my body. I am almost fucking 30, I know what is going on in my body.
3) yes. I have all my problems under control.
4) Seriously? you have to ask every single time I see you why I take two different dosages of the same meds? Ok- I take 100mg off one, and 25mg of the same. BECAUSE IT DOESN'T COME IN A 125mg PILL.
5) Enough with the condescension.

So- now that I have that out of my system I will tell you the story of today.

I have bruises, out of fucking nowhere, on my right thigh. Started Monday with 4 faint, brown ones. Tuesday I got a good 2" bruise on the front of my thigh. Wednesday it is bigger and darker. Thursday it is HUGE. Like the size of my hand. And there are more small ones. I have been dizzy, light-headed, and run down too. To me this screams anemia, but I thought I would see a trained professional to make that determination for me.

You know what I was told?

Its a bruise.

No. Shit. Sherlock.

I was told that I am fair skinned and will bruise easily. Even though I told her I do not bruise easily. I was also told that the brown/green bruises are that way because they are beneath more layers of skin. Follow me here... So, I can have a huge fucking bruise and not know where it is from, from hitting something I don't even remember hitting, that is so deep in the tissue that is is brown? Say wha?

Then she said the spots looked like bruises and was really concerned with someone abusing me. Thanks for the concern. Move on. No. She did not. She harped on it for like five minutes. Hello- if someone grabbed my leg hard enough to leave bruises (soooo deep) I think I would have known. Move. On.

She didn't address my dizzy spells, my fatigue, or light-headedness. No blood draw.


Sent me home. Come back when they cover your body.

Seriously. When they cover my body.


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