Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I should be doing something else

But instead I am here!

I have a paper due on Thursday that I just got time to research tonight... except I don't feel like wadding through pages and pages of legalese to figure out definitions, who it applies to, etc. So I am here. I figured I haven't posted for a while so I would give a bit of an update.

I am (obviously) still in school. I have a grand total of 5 classes left. If I keep on track I will be done May 2013!! Just in time to turn 30! LOL. My classes this semester are good. I am really enjoying them.

Darling daughter is growing like crazy. She will be 3 in a few months and is flexing some attitude, normal stuff. Annoying stuff, but all trials that parents of toddlers have to deal with.

JM and I are good. I was a little miffed with him tonight, but I think he has an attitude because it has been like a month since he has gotten some ass. Poor guy. He has a 2nd job interview at a liquor store this week. I am super excited. We will be inching closer to our previous incomes... Hey! We might even start paying our mortgage on a monthly basis now!

I am contemplating my role at my office. My boss isn't going to be as flexible as I need her to be this coming fall. I might freelance for some agents, I am just worried I won't get enough work (read: money) doing that. We'll see.

I am finally coming out of a nasty depressive state. It lasted a long time. Winter is always the worst for me. I am seeing a new therapist and psychiatrist through the University and it is cheap, which is awesome. Most of my depression is probably my fault. I am really bad with taking my anti-depressant. I might take it 3-4 days a week. So I need to get that on track. Even though I am feeling better, I still have the depression anchor tied to my foot and I get pulled down pretty often so struggling against that has taken up a lot of head space. Poor JM is getting neglected while I try and regain sanity. Some days I have no idea how I got through the day.

I guess that is all that is new! More later. Oh- more Twit Chronicles too!

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