Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Twit and Size

While we were talking/looking (on etsy) about 50's style dresses for our Halloween party we found some cute dresses, but they didn't come in my size (XL or 16). She said I could fit into a large. Suuuuure. I told her I couldn't squeeze into a large. It would be uncomfortable, and why would I pay for something that doesn't fit right? She tried to argue with me about what size I am! 
T:You ARE NOT a size 16. There is NO WAY you are that big. 
Me: You need couseling for you body issues. Would you like to look at the tag in my pants? Or the one in my shirt?
T: No. I just don't beleive you are that big! You carry your weight really well. 
Me: [changing the subject] Oh! I have a pencil skirt at home, if I still fit into it I can wear that.
T: Well, we have more than a month so that is plenty of time to go on a diet and lose a bunch of weight. 
Me: Suuuure. Because that is healthy and works sooooo well. 
T: What? Maybe you'll be able to maintain it?
Me:Yell Go. away.

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