Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Am a Shit Magnet!

and I need to stop paying attention to conversations going on around me. 
Today at school I hear this conversation from the boy sitting next to me and the guy sitting next to him.
Boy1: Dude. I am turning 21 this weekend. 
Boy2: really? Wow man. Where has the time gone?
B1: I know. Right?! I mean, my life is almost over. REally? What comes after 21? NOthing. It is all down hill from there. I can't imagine what 25 will be like. Getting old sucks man.
B2: I know. Pretty soon you'll have to settle down and get a job. I don't even want to think about getting married and having kids. Right now all I want to do is bang some chicks and go on my way. 
B1: Right. I mean, why is being a grown up such a good thing? Since when is "marriage" [he used air quotes] such a great thing? 
B2: Right. Right. 
* At this point I was distracted by a conversation on the other side of me.
Boy: I heard this class is super hard.
Girl: I hope not. I am taking Psych of Human Memory, Agression, blah, blah [I can't remember what other classes she said].
B: wow, that is a lot. This class better be easy or you're screwed.
G: I wish I knew someone who took this class before.
ME: I took this class 3 years ago. He is hard, but it seems like he totally redid things so it might be easier this time around. However, he doesn't let you make up tests for ANY reason. I was pregnant during the final and pretty much threw up all the through the final and he wouldn't let me retake it. He is pretty hard core about some things.
G: Really? I guess I can't miss any tests.
***some back and forth about stuff. Class starts. After class she says:
Wait. You were pregnant? YOU HAVE A KID? HOW OLD ARE YOU? 
Me: I have a 2 year old. I am 28. 
G:Wow. I thought I was old. I mean, I am in class after taking a break because I didn't know what I wanted to do... but you have a TWO YEAR OLD.
Me: Yep. I took a break after having her. I am back now finishing things up. 
G: Wow. I wouldn't want to come back after 3 years. That would be embarrassing.
Me: Really? 
G: Well. For me. That would be embarrassing for me. 
B: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. She called you on that one. [Turns to me] Hi. I am Cody. [or cory, I wasn't paying attention.]
Me: Hi. I am S.
B: Don't worry about her she is brain dead sometimes. 
Me: I know someone she should meet.
G: Hey. 
B: Really? 
Me: Yep. [to girl] You're not from Beatrice are you? [town where Twit is from.]
G: No. Why?
Me: Oh, I know someone from there that is just like you. 
Me: Well, it was nice talking to you guys. I have to go back to work now. See you Tuesday. 
**So I obviously need to stop engaging in conversations with people. ****

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