Sunday, August 28, 2011

Twit Chronicles Part 10

I can't even put into words or quote what she has said today. My mind is spinning. She is of the way and just bouncing all over the place. So irritating.
On another note....
Me: JANET [for those of you who know The Rocky Horror Picture Show Reference]
Boss: What? 
Me: Have you never seen the RHPS? Have you Jane?
Boss:No, I am not one of those late night freaks who dresses up and goes and throws things at the movie screen.
J:No [laughing]
Twit: What? What is TRHPS? What is it about?
Me: J, can you imagine Twit seeing TRHPS? OMG she would die of shock. She would be offended. 
Twit: Guys...What is it about?
Me: [excuse the speelling] Transvestites from Transexual Transivlania.
Twit: Surprised
Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...I am going to email you clips of the Time Warp now. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Oh- a side note. I am 28, J is 48, and Boss is 55ish. So of all of us, I should NOT be the only one who has seen TRHPS! 

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