Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Well Shit

So there are a few things that are making me angry, which are all exacerbated by my FABULOUS chemical imbalance. I am sure these tiny problems wouldn't be a big deal if I were normal.

1. Some women called me at my office to ask me if I could make a flyer for her house that she was selling FSBO, so I said sure, I can do it when I am not working, and without company instruments. Well, she sends me HUGE pictures files and I dont get done downloading her pics till midnight last night. My laptop doesn't have the Office Suite on it so getting it done at lunch is a no-go. So I have worked on this thing twice as long as I wanted. At least I am getting a case of wine out of it.

2. A girl in my office is getting married. She isn't planning any of it, she isn't really helping with anything, but she decided to take TWO WEEKS off. No honeymoon either. Whatever. So I have to do her job because I am the ONLY one in the office who knows how. So on top of my normal crap I have to do her crap. Plus she is one of those sweet girls who can't tell anyone no. So these agents are trying to bulldoze me into doing shit that she normally does. Stuff that they should do by themselves. Whatever. No means No. your request will be completed in the order it was requested in. Bite Me.

3. Because of #2, I cannot take Thursday and Friday off to go to JM's family reunion. I kind of like my IL's so I want to go. I send out an office email reminding people that I will be leaving early, get their requests in early.. blah blah blah... Make a long story short, my boss is mad  because we never discussed how "early" is early. So She thought I was going to leave like an hour early. Um, no. I have to drive 5 hours, I am leaving at one. I would rather leave earlier, but that isnt going to happen.

4. I need a fucking vacation.

5. Don't even get me started on my husband.

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