Friday, June 10, 2011


I suck at it. I have very bad hand/eye coordination. My husband is a rock star. Fucker.

We had a volleyball tournament for the several companies that my mother company owns. It was a blast. Free drinks and food.... It was a good time. I wish we could have stayed out later, but I had a kiddo to get into bed. I think JM enjoyed some adult interaction. He deserved it.

Oh- my team lost our first game. We moved on the to loser bracket and promptly lost that game too. However, we are still planning our team for next year.

It felt great to be active. To sweat. I think I might go on a long bike ride tomorrow. JM took my bike into the shop to have it fixed. Bonus! I got the brakes and gears fixed for free since I bought the bike there! Awesome! BTW- I had to get the bike fixed because I haven't ridden it for about 2 years. Yikes!

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