Friday, November 5, 2010

things I learned today

1. I am getting old. Old enough to realize that youth is no longer on my side. I do not rebound as quickly, and I stay sick longer. I cannot use the naivete anymore either. I have to be accountable for my adult actions. I should be worried about bumps and lumps, and in the future I will not ignore them.
2. There is a special kind of unity that happens in the waiting room of the mammography unit at the hospital. I was,by far, the youngest in their and every time I left the room I was sent out to a choir of "good luck" and when I came back in it was all smiles and "i hope it went well". When they told me I could go home, I was cheered for by those who were still waiting. Maybe it was the matching pink smocks? Or the need for support from ANYONE at the point. Being alone, waiting to go through something mildly is nice to have.
3. Mammograms are not as horrible as I thought. Everyone made the experience as nice as could be. Very profession.
4. My husband is an idiot. While I was sitting there waiting, nervously, I expected a "good luck, don't be nervous" text or call from him. I didn't get one. I was slightly disappointed. He is my husband after all. I need his support. So I texted him and told him I was a little angry with him. I guess he thought my appointment was later than it actually was. I am still a little miffed though. But it was an honest mistake. I still love him.
5. Stickers on nipples=BAD. Especially when having to remove said stickers.
6. Bring your own magazines to the hospital. Theirs suck. I read a few great articles today. And I had something to discuss with the tech who was doing my mammogram. Which helped my nerves a bit.

And I should let all my non existent readers know that I was told that there was no "immediate concern" and my doc will contact me.

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