Friday, November 5, 2010

boob-squishy day

so today I get my mammogram...and I have to be honest, I am terrified. Seriously. I think the idea of having my boob SMASHED between two plates for the sake of science is BAD. WHO decided that was the best way to make cancer discoveries? Seriously? why isn't ultrasound the way to go? I have had one before, I am having one after they smash me. I hear it detects it better than the traditional way! Why not? Ugh.

However, I think I have convinced my husband that a boob job is in my not so distant future. Maybe after we are done having kids? If we decided to have more kids.
So I am having a boob crisis. I used to LOVE my boobs. They were the best breasts ever! Just the right size perky... and then I breast fed my darling daughter for 7 months...hello sag city! It was no surprise that my boob produced TONS of milk (like 40oz a day), and my daughter was a BFing pro, but sadly the girls suffered. My husband still loves them, but all I see is lopsided "blah". One is bigger than the other... poor boobies. Oh, and I cant forget the stretch marks...damn stretch marks....Oh how I long for the glory days of my boobs. And now they are getting smashed, seems to add some insult to injury. I am sure they wont disfigure them, but in my current state of mind, that is what I think will happen.
Glad I packed some xanax today!

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