Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm a Maniac Thats For Sure

Does anyone remember Flashdance? I LOOOOVED that movie. My daughter does this little running in place thing that makes me think of that damn movie all the time. I will have to bust out the VHS and watch it some time. Since we don't have TV anymore it should be interesting to watch old movies over again.

So as the title indicates, I am MANIC. Yep. Just a bit. More of a hypo mania, but still mania. Which blows because I know at some point I will come crashing down. I don't always come crashing down, sometimes there are lulls of normalcy. I can only hope that happens. I doubt it since I will be starting the university in the Fall. That should make my life soooooo much more fun. Bio-psychology. Why I am a psych major is beyond me... oh yea, I am crazy. Should make it easy to relate to patients.

Right now I think finishing my degree is just going to be a personal goal. I don't foresee myself having the opportunity to finish a masters and get my LMHP. Unless we win the lottery or JM gets a kick ass job. So I am stuck. At least I can go at my own pace and focus on learning. (shhh...that is what I tell myself to justify spending tons of money on an education I will probably never use because I waited too long to finish my degree)

and we are moving on....

I have a friend who is having some problems with her problems. I hope she gets better. It is hard to help someone when you are so far away. I feel bad because we are not sisters in misery anymore (at least for the time being) my mania has given me "luck" and things are looking up for me finally.

I dont really think my mania has given me luck. I think there have been studies done that say lucky people make their own luck. Mostly because of their positive outlook on life, and their eagerness to learn and experience new things. Which makes sense if you think about it. Would you rather spend time and associate with someone who is happy or someone who is depressed and crabby? So the crabby person gets ignored and all the "luck" passes them by. I get the best(?) of both worlds.

I wish there was a emotocon thingy on here.

I think I just heard my phone ring.

I wish I could type as fast as the thoughts were coming. Looks like it will be a 2 Xanax night tonight.

Whew. Night all.

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