Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A long road

Have you ever seen the video for Pink's "F***ing Perfect"? Wow. It actually made me hurt. How silly is that? It was so raw, it showed the true hurt some girls feel and get put through in order to acheive their idea of perfect. The begining had a little girl getting picked on by a boy, than picking on him back and it has a (I assume) the same little girl hiding in her room. It follows her through her life.

Since I have a little girl, who will be growing into these stages in life, it made me sad for the things that will happen to her that I can't help her avoid. I can't make everyone like her.I can't keep her from being picked on. I can't make her first crush like her back. I can't make her popular. I can't make her skinny. I can't make her hair straight, her teeth bright white, her taller.... I can only hope that I can make her comfortable in her own body. But how can I do that when I dont feel comfy in my own body sometimes. I can't preach self love if I dont beleive it myself! I fake a good show, and when I was younger I had a lot of blind ambition. I owned the world. At least I liked to think so. How does one teach that to a child? As I get older I find myself more self conscious, more critical of my flaws, more critical of others flaws... when/where do I draw the line? How do I change myself for the benefit of my daughter?

So on top of the normal worries most mother's have, I have added all of this ^^ above crap. Keep her safe from harm, keep her clothed, keep her fed, send her to school, help her with school, and encourage her every day...

Oh the long road I have a head of me.

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