Friday, November 19, 2010

Now there is a reason to complain

so this morning I was like "hm, I should blog. I don't really have anything to blog about, but I should. It has been a while..." So fast forward a few hours...BAM! I have a reason! A topic I guess. OK, something to bitch about.

My meds were adjusted and today was the 1st day of taking them....HOLY SHIT! I actually feel like my eyes are blinking too slow. Seriously. And I have dizzy, not the turning in circles too many times dizzy, but the drunk dizzy. Room seems to be moving, kind of dizzy. I thought I could feel the copy machine moving today. Nice. Plus I am SUPER emotional. I was telling JM that I wasn't feeling well and he was like "this is just a ploy to get me to stay home from work tonight" WTF? I DON'T FEEL WELL! So I called the pharmacy and was asking what was up...yep...increasing dosage means side effects all over again! YAY! So I tell JM that, he was like "I love you but *yay*" Yes. Because this is such a great freaking time for me. Seriously. so I started to break down. Just a bunch of emotions overwhelming me all at once, probably the meds, and I was barely holding it together. Man. This. Sucks.

OH and to make my day so much better...the hag that I replaced is having lunch with some of the agents. This girl wont go away. I have to hear all day about how great A is and how all the agents loved her...blah blah blah...Now when they  get back from lunch I will have to hear about it again! fuck.

Just to fill some of you in, A "had enough" and quit. After some digging and confessions from the 5 other staff members in my office, I discovered A was the shit stirrer. SHE was the one who started conflict, and stoked the flames. However, our receptionist doesn't think that. She loves A. Goes to lunch with her, hangs out with her, I have to hear how everyone misses A, seriously. I just LOVE being told that the job I am doing was dine better by the person I replaced, even though the staff haven't had any complaints, and only praises about my performance? I wish the chick would go away.

whoooooo...just got dizzy again. wow...I think time has stopped....I am in slow-mo....ta ta

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