Thursday, August 11, 2011

well. I don't know

Ok. So I have bitched about my husbands job. I think. (Quick recap, his part time job is turning in a full time job.) I have told him he needs to talk to his boss about his hours. It is not our problem that no one is either trained or scheduled to do JM's job.

I know it sounds selfish, but I want my husband home. I have to take care of my daughter alone 4 nights a week. The other 3 times a week I still feed her and bathe her, so it isn't like I get a break.

Here is a breakdown of our schedules:
Mon and Wed: Jon works 7am-4pm comes home, showers leaves for school. Has class from 5:30 to 9:30pm
I work 8am-5pm, pick up daughter from daycare
Tue and Thurs: Jon has class from 8am to noon. comes home showers goes to work till 7 or 8pm
I work 8am-5pm, come home pick up daughter
Friday: JM works 7am-6pm.
I work 8am-5pm, pick up the kid from daycare.
We both have Saturday and Sunday off.

I feel like I am being left with the brunt of the home life. Bill paying, grocery shopping, dinner making, taking care of our daughter, taking care of the dog, cleaning, laundry... How am I going to handle all this and start the university in two weeks? He needs to step up.

I love my husband, but we do not get along when he has too much on his plate.

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