Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Birthday

Today is my husbands 28th Birthday. He doesn't think it is a big deal, I think EVERY birthday should be a big deal. However, he did just spend $1000 on a new gun two weeks he is on his own. I did get him a card, a cake, and a magazine subscription that he wanted. On the downside, it was the first day of the summer quarter. So he had two night classes today. He won't be home for a little while. I plan on greeting him in my birthday suit. I think that will go over fairly well.

anywhooo- While I think bdays are a big deal and should be acknowledged, I do not like those over grown birthday parties that cost more then my house. Seriously, that is just spoiling that kid. Because, honestly, it is usually dumb ass parents compensating for their shitting birthdays so they have to throw a huge party for their 5 year old. Complete with horse and carriage. Barf. Really? That is a fabulous way to teach a kid fiscal responsibility. Not to mention the straight up snobbery of it all.

My daughter will be two in less than a month. We have no idea what we are going to do for her. While I would like to acknowledge the day for her. I do not feel like throwing a party. A) We do not have friends with kids her age that would/could come. B) Most of the family lives out of state. C)what could we possibly do to entertain a two year old, while entertaining 30/40/50 year olds?

We go to the Zoo frequently. We go to the children's museum often (though we haven't been in a while). Going out to Chuck E Cheese if not going to happen, or any similar place. Going to the park isn't that special, again we go often. She is lactose intolerant, so we can't have cake and ice cream. So what do we do?

I just inspired myself. We can go to the children's museum that morning, walk to the deli for lunch, go home for nap time, wake up and play outside while snacking. I think we might have a picnic for dinner. That seems special right? I know she won't remember, but I still want it to be an awesome day. Everyone deserves an awesome day on their birthday.

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